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AzureMate Desktop Software System - Azure Cloud Data Storage Explorer
Azure Data Platform

Do you and your business have tons of variable data you find difficult to keep expensive on-premises infrastructure for? Windows Azure Cloud Data Storage can help you overcome this. Welcome to Softhard Solutions AzureMate Cloud Data Storage Explorer System. If you are a computer programmer or know a bit about computers then you probably know what AzureMate is all about. It is Microsoft® Windows® Azure® Cloud's Data Storage Service provider. AzureMate has a similar look and feel like Windows System File Explorer.

There are three areas of data storage in Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Data Services. Blobs (binary large objects, aka files of any data), Tables (aka tables of recorded data) and Queues (aka first in first out messages). AzureMate will help you create containers, upload-download your Blob Files, create-upload-download your Table Entity Records and create-upload-download your Queue Messages.

AzureMate must have access to your Azure Storage Account(s), contained in your Microsoft Azure Cloud Services account. You must have created Microsoft Azure Cloud Data Storage Account(s). You can do this on their Azure Website. They give you a month free trial and include few hundred dollars to spend on whatever parts of cloud you wish but the data storage is extremely cheap. When your account is verified, create a Storage Account(s) in your Azure Portal, then List and Maintain them in AzureMate.

Important Notes
In compliance with the Privacy Act 2001 in Australia and our own Privacy Statement  , Softhard Solutions will not disclose or sell your email address, name, address or any other personal details to any third party.

AzureMate is a 64 bit program. Therefore, 32 bit Devices (Desktops, Laptops and Tablets) incapable of running 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher are not supported.

AzureMate can't create your Storage Accounts, they must be created in your Azure Portal, listed in AzureMate and then AzureMate can create your Blob, Table and Queue containers and maintain your data in them using these accounts.

Common uses of Blob Storage include:

  • Serving images or documents directly to a browser.
  • Storing files for distributed access throughout the world.
  • Streaming video and audio.
  • Performing secure backup and disaster recovery.
  • Storing data for analysis by an on-premises or Azure-hosted service.

Common uses of Table Storage include:

  • Storing TBs of structured data capable of serving web scale applications.
  • Storing datasets that don't require complex joins, foreign keys, or stored procedures and can be denormalized for fast access.
  • Quickly querying data using a clustered index.
  • Accessing data using the OData protocol and LINQ queries with WCF Data Service .NET Libraries.

Common uses of Queue Storage include:

  • Creating a backlog of work to process asynchronously.
  • Passing messages from an Azure Web role to an Azure worker role.
  • Passing messages from a component producer to a component consumer.
  • Individuals can use it as an inter region messaging component system.

A good thing about storing data in the Microsoft Azure Cloud's Data Storage Service is that it is very economical financially and your stored data is available anywhere in the world via Internet Network as long as you have AzureMate, a computer to run it on and a connection to the Internet network.

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What is AzureMate Software System
AzureMate Explorer System

is a Cloud Data Storage Service software program which has been designed from the ground up in intuitive, simple and understandable form. For this program, you do not have to be a computer programmer to understand AzureMate's various modules.

Softhard Solutions AzureMate is a Cloud Service software system. It enables you to open and run many forms from the vastly improved AzureMate dashboard on the Home Page.

AzureMate will help you to keep track of all your Cloud blob files, table records and queue messages. A single storage account can contain up to 500 TB of blob, table, and queue data.

AzureMate software is designed to help businesses or individuals manage their:

  • Azure Blob storage. It is a service for storing large amounts of unstructured data, such as text or binary data, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via HTTP or HTTPS communication protocols. You can use Blob storage to expose data publicly to the world, or to store application data or your zillions of pictures, video or audio files privately.

  • Azure Table storage. This service can store large amounts of structured data. The service is a NoSQL data-store which accepts authenticated calls from inside and outside the Azure cloud. Azure tables are ideal for storing structured, non-relational data. Each record in a table can have a different field schema structure.

  • Azure Queue storage. It is a service for storing large numbers of messages that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via authenticated calls using HTTP or HTTPS communication protocols. A single queue message can be up to 64 KB in size, and a queue container can contain millions of messages, up to the total capacity limit of a storage account (500 TB).
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What Next
Install 64 bit AzureMate Desktop Application (for Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher) for 30 Days Operations Free Trial. After this period, register your installed copy of AzureMate and pay one time, low AUD$195.00 donation. Any updates and new releases of AzureMate will come to you free automatically.

AzureMate free trial

Go ahead, open an azure storage account and try AzureMate and see what it can do for your business data. Try AzureMate Desktop Application Software operations free of any charge for 30 Days. Before you create an account and install AzureMate, please read our Terms and Conditions of Use of our websites and also our Privacy Policy Statement.

After clicking this button, AzureMateSetup.exe installer file is downloaded to your system. Depending on your browser (some only allow saving a file, some both, saving or running it), any installation involves downloading the AzureMateSetup.exe installer file and running it on your system to CHECK for any prerequisites and if any are missing, attempt to install them first, and complete the installation. If your browser allows you to run the file, use it as you do not need it saved, most save the file in your user Downloads folder from where you can run it.