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Services Provider and Fine Software Developer Since 1995

ShopMateWeb Online and ShopMate Desktop - Best Business Accounting Database Software.

AzureMate Desktop - Best Cloud Data Explorer Software.
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We were established as a company, and started developing business software, in 1994. Softhard Solutions company, based in Sydney Australia, has since then gained a lot of experience through listening to business professionals for last 23 years, what business they conducted, how it was conducted and what the needed accounting software should do for them to match closely the way they do business.

This interaction led us to development of ShopMate Desktop Automotive business accounting database software application to suit most small to medium size business accounting needs. Data Storage and data safety has always been our primary concern, leading us to find the most economical and infrastructure reducing way to store data for our applications. This in turn led us to development of AzureMate Desktop Windows Azure Cloud Storage explorer software application to suit anyone with lots of data to store, maintain and safeguard and our latest addition, ShopMateWeb, the online scaled down version of ShopMate Desktop.

ShopMateWeb Web Application is a scaled down version of ShopMate Desktop Application, retaining most of the functionality. Many bussiness operators do not need all the functions that the ShopMate Desktop Application offers and they want to access their data anywhere in the world on any device like phone, tablet and laptop or desktop computers.

We are a group of Cloud Data Storage Service Software, Business Accounting Software, Database Software and Website Software Development Engineers. We are not only developers of fine software, we are also Technical Consultants specializing in Database Systems and Services for the integration of heterogeneous computer networks with a broad range of business applications and data farming.

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with good, reliable and high productivity, business software and develop solutions to automate manual processes, integrate IT solutions and re-engineer existing systems to meet today's exacting requirements in order to run successful companies through expert small business accounting and management practices.

Softhard Solutions is also specializing in any Computer Technical Consultancy, web designs and in services for integration of computer networks to automate manual processes, IT solutions and existing systems.

Softhard Solutions offers a complete service to our customers including the design and customization of network systems to suit individual business needs, supplying all necessary hardware, software and services.

  • Cloud Software Design
  • Business Software Design
  • Database System Design
  • IT System Design
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Website E-Commerce on all Levels
  • Variable Media Convergence
  • Internet / Intranet
Vision and Mission

To assist our customers in the innovation and application of information technology. To support our customers through excellence in design, development, and application of information technology.

Installation, technical support, service and ongoing maintenance contracts can be arranged as required.

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