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ShopMateWeb Online and ShopMate Desktop - Best Business Accounting Database Software.
ShopMate Databases
ShopMate Desktop and ShopMateWeb Online databases are both Sql Server Databases but they are not compatible. Different concerns had to be addressed to suit database for the web operations. If you already have ShopMate Desktop installed, you can't use its database for ShopMateWeb but you can work both side by side and transfer the data you need.
ShopMate Software System - Desktop Business Accounting Database Application

Softhard Solutions ShopMate By visiting this page you are indicating you are looking for a small to medium Business Accounting Software Program or Car Repair Workshop Accounting Software to manage your business the best possible way, the way you do business, right? Softhard Solutions's ShopMate Database System Package can handle almost any business.

ShopMate is a complete, high productivity, business management system package. It includes an Automotive Software Component aimed at automotive repair workshops. The component can be turned ON or OFF by user for other businesses. ShopMate has all the features you may need to effectively manage, grow and direct your business. ShopMate automotive repair shop software will handle all your jobs from the beginning to the end, thus making your shop administration far less boring.

Important Note
Softhard Solutions ShopMate for Windows® is a large, Business Accounting Software, Sql Server Database backed, system desktop with lots of Data Input. Therefore, only Devices (Desktops, Laptops and Tablets) capable of running Windows 7, 8, 10 or later are supported. There is no support for Phones and Tablets incapable of running Windows 7, 8, 10 or later. You may opt to use ShopMateWeb Online, it can be run on any device.

ShopMate is a high productivity Business Accounting Database Software Package with a built-in Automotive Business Software Component designed for the Automotive Transport Industry business environment, dealing with work on customer vehicles, such as:

  • Automotive Mechanical Repair Workshops
  • Automotive Electrical Repair Workshops
  • Tyre Outlets
  • Vehicle Exhaust Repair Centres
  • Vehicle Body Repair Centres
  • Vehicle Suspension Specialists
  • And Similar Businesses

The Automotive Component part of ShopMate can be switched ON and OFF within ShopMate on demand. Switch it OFF for any other business dealing with customers and suppliers such as:

  • Small to Medium Business
  • Home Business
  • Spare Parts Shops
  • Retail Outlets
  • Wine making/selling Industries
  • And Similar Businesses
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What is ShopMate System

ShopMate software system is designed to help small to medium businesses manage their:

  • Easy connection to Cloud Sql Server and Database services
  • Easy labour scheduling and job creation, including labour usage guide
  • Invoices (made in seconds) in accounts receivable
  • Over 70 invoice printouts to choose from
  • Customer and supplier relations
  • Customer vehicle(s) repair history
  • Customer marketing, service reminders
  • Counter Sales
  • Purchase orders in accounts payable
  • Automatic purchase order creation for sold products
  • Business activity statements
  • Product stock inventory
  • Employee payroll (optional)
  • General ledger
  • Financial banking
  • Daily banking
  • Extensive financial reporting
  • Extensive data Backup and Restoration procedures
  • Extensive context sensitive help
  • And much more...

Softhard Solutions ShopMate for Windows® is a large, Business Accounting Software, Sql Server Database backed system, program package with a built-in Automotive Business Accounting Software component to help small to medium businesses manage their accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, payroll, banking, daily banking, customer and supplier relations and financial reporting.

If your place of business is fast and you need to be able to issue invoices to customers (or orders to suppliers) fast, Softhard Solutions ShopMate Auto Repair Shop Management Software Program is for you. You can create an invoice or a purchase order within seconds.

The ShopMate Auto Shop Program can be set up as a single or multi-user system in your automotive service facility. Multi-user will allow you to have your front desk computers setting up jobs for your workstations in technician bays. Multi-level passwords limit each employee to appropriate access to the software.

ShopMate has been designed from the ground up in intuitive, simple and understandable form. For this large business accounting program, you do not have to be an accountant to understand ShopMate's various financial reports.

If your business has multiple branches and you need to share one database, ShopMate supports connections to Cloud Sql Server and Database Services. These services enable you to run ShopMate anywhere in the world and connect to your database.

For fast data storage and retrieval, ShopMate software program is backed up by a powerful database storage engine system sitting on Microsoft® Sql Server 2012® (or higher). Your data is very safe with ShopMate's provision of automatic timed or manual database backups and database restorations. And, if you know the Sql language syntax it gives you many other ways of interrogating your data outside of the ShopMate operations.

Softhard Solutions Australia is the proprietary owner of the ShopMate Automotive Business Accounting Software Program and associated ShopMate Sql Database Structures. Softhard Solutions does not own your accumulated data.

Softhard Solutions ShopMate, network-ready, has been completely re-designed to meet the demand of today's technology. Built around MotoShop Automotive Business Accounting Database Software, another success story, our previous flag ship, which until then was the Best Automotive Business Accounting Software, database backed program. ShopMate was greatly expanded on to open the door to a larger clientele-user base. The automotive part (or MotoShop part) of ShopMate can be switched on or off on demand.

So now ShopMate Business Accounting Software Program can be used by virtually any business including, of course, the MotoShop Automotive owner users to take advantage of this software for small to medium business.

Softhard Solutions ShopMate is a collection of modules with Microsoft® Sql Server 2012® or higher (included in the package if you do not already have one installed on your computer) serving as the back end for the data, including:

  • Easy labour scheduling and job creation, including labour usage guide

  • Accounts Receivable - Sales, Invoicing, Vehicle Bookings and Customer Relation Records

  • Accounts Payable - Purchases, Ordering and Supplier Relation Records

  • Inventory - Product Sales Charts, Product Records, 6 Levels of Discounting

  • Payroll - Payroll Service, Payroll Taxes and Employee Records

  • Shippers - Shipper Activity Reports, Shipper Records

ShopMate can also be used in Wine making/selling industries because it handles the excise tax (e.g. wine equalization tax) as well. ShopMate can be used in any business that wants to keep customer records, records of products (physical or services) to sell to them and needs to issue invoices to them.

With its special job tracking and job costing ability, which keeps all the invoices and purchase orders conveniently together in a package that we call Jobs, ShopMate can be used by any Small, Medium to Larger Business.

This real time database driven business accounting software system package includes Creditors, Debtors, Stock Inventory Control, Invoicing, Ordering, Employee Payroll, General Ledger, Extensive Reporting, Backup Procedures and a lot more.

For the extensive reports ShopMate provides, you make your own date periods, no need for complicated financial periods setups. It will help you keep track of all your records of:

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Employees

  • Shippers

  • Products

  • Invoice Jobs

  • Order Jobs

  • Vehicles

  • Other Entities

  • Service and Financial history

  • Employee payroll with extensive commission calculations

  • And much, much more...

Softhard Solutions ShopMate helps you have complete Stock control of spare parts/products. It will also keep record of all your financial transactions including debtors, creditors and Goods and Services/Value Added - Excise - Employee tax calculations.

ShopMate will also provide you with a wide range of reports throughout the various modules of the program.

Just think of how much time and effort you will save now that you may subscribe to or purchase Softhard ShopMate Business Accounting Software, Sql Server Database backed system with a built-in Automotive Business Accounting Software component. It is very comprehensive, extensible and very user-friendly, with context sensitive help.

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Install 64 or 32 bit ShopMate Desktop Application (for Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher) for 30 Days Operations Free Trial. After this period, register your installed copy of ShopMate and subscribe or pay one time price. Any updates and new releases of ShopMate will come to you free automatically.

ShopMate free trial

Go ahead, download, install and try ShopMate and see what it can do for your business management. Try ShopMate Desktop Application Software operations free of any charge for 30 Days. Before you install ShopMate, please read our Terms and Conditions of Use of our websites and also our Privacy Policy Statement.

After clicking any of these buttons, ShopMateSetup.exe installer file is downloaded to your system. Depending on your browser (some only allow saving a file, some both, saving or running it), any installation involves downloading the ShopMateSetup.exe installer file and running it on your system to CHECK for any prerequisites and if any are missing, attempt to install them first, and complete the installation. If your browser allows you to run the file, use it as you do not need it saved, most save the file in your user Downloads folder from where you can run it.