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ShopMate Desktop System - Main Financial Accounts Module Screen Shot

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In the Financial Accounts Module you create new and update existing financial transaction records. All received payments for invoices, all issued payments for purchase orders, payroll payments and taxes, business activity statement, in fact all payments are calculated and reports displayed in a Specified Period in this module.

Following is a screen shot picture of ShopMate Main Financial Accounts Module:

Screen shot of ShopMate Financial Accounts Module

All your labour products should have the ItemsInUnit property set to a number greater than one. If we assume that the Items are minutes of a Unit (one hour), you can set the ItemsInUnit to 60 (minutes). Then in an invoice you can enter e.g. 2.3 (hours) into Units and the Items (minutes) will be correctly calculated in this invoice item.

The updatable grids may contain one or more fields that are too short to display fully. You can click into these fields and the editor will display all words fully below it, formatted (even if a field is not normally updatable - if you try to update such field the editor will simply return the previous data).

Some forms contain one or more search buttons with ellipses (three dots) on their faces. You can press 'Alt' + period (dot) keys to open the default search form (if in customers - search customer form, if in suppliers - search supplier form etc.).

Before a product is being pulled into the invoices or orders via a bar code scanning device, make sure the designated bar code field receiving the number is in focus.

Although you may, it is advisable NOT to use dot (.) as a first letter of the product names you yourself create.

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