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ShopMate Desktop System - Main Product Inventory Module Screen Shot

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Read Detailed Description of Product Inventory Module...

In the Product Inventory Module you create new and update existing products. You can create a product in just three mouse clicks from ShopMate Home Page. It is that simple. Use this module to take care of your stockable, unstockable and combination or template products and their prices.

There are many discount methods on products to entice your customers. Group product prices for chosen customers with discounts to normal prices, Custom product prices for individual customers, four levels of discount settings in each product and customer global price discount on every product they purchase. The Combination Products help you create new products out of the products you already have in stock. Invoice Service Templates work the same way except you only use the stock products and when pulled into an invoice, the contained products are copied into it.
There is also 'Buy X and Get X free' enticement handling (this depends on your suppliers).

Following is a screen shot picture of ShopMate Main Product Inventory Module:

Screen shot of ShopMate Inventory Module
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