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ShopMate Desktop System - Main Product Sales Module Screen Shot

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In this Product Sales Module Manager form you create new and update existing invoices for current Branch. You can create an invoice in just two mouse clicks, three if you have to select a new customer or vehicle, from ShopMate home page. It is that simple. You can select any customer by either their Company name or their Full name.

The invoices created in this manager are for customers you have or want to have on your system. Selected customer's ID is used for every invoice you create in this form.

If you want to be able to issue invoices quickly (e.g. point of sale), without having to select a customer before you create an invoice, you must do this in the Counter Sales section where only one customer, Counter Sales, is used with Customer ID 2. The reserved customer ID is ID 1 - your company and ID 2 - Counter Sale.

The vehicles in the grid reflect the customer you select. The auto software program part, the grid can be hidden if you are not in the automotive business and if you clear the check box in the Hide Vehicles menu choice in View of Main Menu or Administration Module. If the vehicles are hidden, the currently selected customer's history invoices are shown in the grid instead.

The calendar is used to select a date for your new invoices. If the date's font is bold it contains one or more open invoices for that date. The second tab contains closed or open invoices for the selected day and the third tab contains only the existing open invoices.

Following is a screen shot picture of ShopMate Main Product Sales Module:

Screen shot of ShopMate Sales Module
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